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Dorothy Mae Harrison

Dorothy Mae Harrison was a 16-year-old girl whose remains were discovered on the 10th of March, 1985, in Doña Ana County, New Mexico. Her remains were found across a road that led to Hatch, New Mexico, and were scattered underneath pieces of black plastic. The location in which she was found is said to be frequented by both ranchers and hunters. Dorothy’s official cause of death is not listed, but it has been ruled a homicide.

Dorothy left her home in Wichita, Kansas, at around 5pm on the 25th of July 1984. One of her siblings saw her get into a big, tan, long car. She was picked up by a white female and a black female, both of which were older than her.

Dorothy’s family reported her missing not long after. Her family said that Dorothy would frequently leave home and be absent for weeks on end during the summer and that a police officer would always find her and bring her home but she would leave again. Her family have said that she would always stay in Kansas.

Sometime in the beginning of August 1984, Dorothy called her family saying that she was in Los Angeles. In late August or early September 1984, Dorothy called her family again and told them that she was in El Paso, Texas and that she was on her way home. This was the last time anyone heard from Dorothy.

Investigators believe that Dorothy was murdered sometime between the 10th of September 1984 and the 10th of January 1985.

Dorothy was not formerly identified until the 8th of August 2022 by DNA testing.

The people or persons responsible for Dorothy’s death have never been identified.

Dorothy Mae Harrison. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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