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Tamara Lee Tigard

Formerly known as “Lime Lady”, Tamara Lee Tigard was a young woman who was found murdered on the 18th of April, 1980, in Jones, Oklahoma.

In March 1980, Tamara left her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, to go for a walk. But she never returned. Tamara was reported missing, but the report was cleared due to a woman in Ohio using Tamara’s identity. The woman has never been named as a suspect, and her true identity is unknown.

On the 18th of April, 1980, Tamara’s naked body was found on the shore of the North Canadian River. She had been shot three times with a .45 calibre revolver. Her murderer then covered her body in quicklime in an attempt to quicken decomposition, but actually ended up preserving her remains. She was found on what should have been her 21st Birthday.

When Tamara was shot, one of the bullets hit a dime which was then drawn into her body, along with some clothing fibres, indicating that she was wearing clothes when she was killed. Whoever murdered Tamara was facing her whilst shooting her, and moving towards her.

Tamara was identified on the 30th of January, 2020, by the DNA Doe Project. Once her DNA had been uploaded to GEDmatch, it only took a day and a half for the DNA Doe Project to match it to Tamara. The match was confirmed after they obtained dental records from the United States Army. The DNA Doe Project was unable to attain a match using DNA as all of Tamara’s immediate relatives on the West Coast had passed away.

Tamara’s parents and sister all passed away without ever knowing what truly happened to her.

Do you know who was responsible for Tamara’s death?

Tamara Lee Tigard. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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