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Tracey Diane Neilson

On the 5th of January 1981, Tracey’s husband returned home from work to find that Stacey had been stabbed to death in the bedroom of their house in Moore, Oklahoma. It was Tracey’s 21st birthday.

It is believed that Tracey had been murdered at around noon that day, as several eyewitnesses saw her return home just before that time. Phone calls from family and friends also started to be left unanswered around noon. Her body was found at 5:00pm that evening when her husband returned home from work.

Tracey had been stabbed several times, and her throat had been slit. It was determined that no sexual assault had taken place during the attack.

Tracey Diane Neilson. Credit: Oklahoma Cold Cases

The only thing that was missing from their home was a personalised key chain that belonged to Tracey, and authorities believe that the killer may have taken it as a trophy.

It is thought that the last person to see Tracey alive was a cable repair person, as a ticket book left behind at the house showed that the Nielson’s had work carried out at 11:51am that morning. However, authorities have never been able to figure out who the ticket book belonged to, and the identity of the cable repair person.

Fingerprints were discovered at the scene, but they still remain unidentified.

Originally it was thought that Tracey had been targeted specifically by the killer, but Tracey’s husband now thinks it was more likely just a random act of violence.

Two different composite images were released of a man that neighbours saw going into Tracey’s home at the time of her murder. It is important to note that as the cable repair person was at Tracey’s home around the same time, so the drawings may well be showing the cable repair man and not the person responsible for Tracey’s murder.

The sketches of two men who were around Tracey’s house at the time of her murder. Credit:

It has been 41 years since Tracey was murdered, yet her family and friends still have no closure or no justice. Do you know anything about her murder?

Tracey Diane Neilson. Credit:


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