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A local truck driver called Eduardo Colin arrived at the Super 8 Motel in Alberquerque, New Mexico between 9:30pm and 11:00pm on the 3rd of June 1991. He rented a room for two people for one night and was told to check out by 11:00am the next morning. Eduardo gave all legitimate information on the checking-in form, apart from a vehicle license number plate which was false. Eduardo was given room 233.

On June the 5th, the staff at the motel realised that Eduardo hadn’t checked out of his room. A security guard was asked to go and check on the room. The security guard arrived at the room, the door was locked, so he had to use a screwdriver to open the door.

When inside the room, the guard didn’t notice anything unusual or out of place, aside from the empty bottles of alcohol on the table.

However, when the guard went into the bathroom, he discovered the body of a female.

The woman was hanging from the shower, and she had used a suitcase strap to hang herself. The authorities also found heroin in her system. It is believed that the woman hung herself on June 3rd, the day Eduardo checked in. Her body was badly decomposed.

Police have ruled her death a suicide, though some speculate that she may have actually been murdered.

When authorities searched the room, they found a photograph on the table which is believed to have been of the young woman and a man, who motel staff ID’d as Eduardo. The photo is thought to have been taken in a mall photo booth just a few hours before her death.

The photograph of the unknown couple. Credit:

Also found in the room was a scale with the name “George Martinez” written on it. It is highly believed that the scale was used to weigh packages of drugs.

The scale with “George Martinez” written on it. Credit: Unidentified Wiki

It took several years, but the police managed to track down Eduardo’s family. At this time, Eduardo had already passed away from natural causes. When investigators showed his family the photo of the young woman and man at a mall photo booth, they said that it was not Eduardo in that photograph and they did not recognise the young woman.

Police now speculate that the man in the photograph may be called George Martinez, but they have never been able to find anyone who matches the description of the man in the photograph with that name.

The case went cold for a while, until March 2021, when authorities received a break in the case. They announced that the woman’s name may have been Becca and that she may have come from Los Angeles County in California, specifically the Reseda and Sylmar areas. It is also thought that she flew to Alberquerque from Los Angeles or Burbank.

Despite this new information, the woman’s true name and identity are still unknown, as is the identity of the man in the picture with her.

Do you recognise this couple?

The photograph of the couple. Credit:
The bracelet the woman was wearing. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
A purse was found in the hotel room that is thought to belong to the unknown woman. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
A suitcase was found in the room, possibly belonging to the woman. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
Post-mortem reconstruction image of Becca. Credit: Unidentified Wiki


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